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BTCC Fiber Options

Residential Price: $99.95

Download 1 GigaBit per second using any number of connected devices.
Perfect for businesses with multiple devices and heavy usage activities 

up to 1000 Mbps download / 500 Mbps upload

Residential Price: $79.95

Download TV shows swiftly, download large files, and multiplayer gaming with little to no buffering on up to 8 connected devices at the same time.
Good for businesses with several devices and up to medium usage activities

up to 500 Mbps download / 500 Mbps upload

Residential Price: $69.95

Stream, share and download for higher quality HD content on up to 6 connected devices at the same time.
Good for small businesses with a handful of devices and up to medium usage activities.

up to 250 Mbps download / 250 Mbps upload

Residential Price: $59.95

Stream, share and download HD content on up to 4 connected devices at the same time.

up to 100 Mbps download / 100 Mbps upload

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All options require setup.

Prices + taxes and fees. Restrictions may apply.

NOTE: This chart is solely intended to give guidance on selecting a download speed, depending on activities and the number of devices being used on the internet. Due to varying factors (hardware, networking, software, PC being infected, etc.), the plan a user goes on does not guarantee that the listed activities will be obtained.

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Fiber is available within the shaded areas shown on the map. We are working every day to expand our fiber network. Outside of these areas, many upgrades are available with our existing DSL broadband network, to meet customer needs. Please fill out the information below to help us know how to best serve you.

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